Free Little Art Gallery - Appleton

Would you like to display your art at our Little Free Art Gallery?


You may submit 2-3x4” or 3x3” or 1-5x7”

Your art can be watercolor, oil, acrylic, chalk, pencil or pen.

Can it be 3D? Yes, it can be 3D. It must be 5” square to fit in the gallery.

Is their an age limit? Yes, you must be at least 5-105.

How do I submit? Email to

1. Name and a photo of YOU.

2. Photo of your art.

3. City where you live.

We will have one spot per month. We will contact you if you are chosen. 

**There is no compensation for displaying, just the joy of the experience and the joy it brings to others. We will display your information, Instagram, website, photo of you,