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Emily Reetz

Danica Hess

Elyse Mische

Rebecca Lynn Hewitt

Kelley Quakkelaar

Lynn St. Aubin

Jennifer Nowak-Miller

Danica Hess

Mia Russell

Naomi Allen 


Long Rifle Soaps

Little Gypsy Finery


Cluck Cluck Boots

Print and Be Merry

Circle Street

Alaina Pompa

Jennifer Dins

Big White Yeti

Hobbies from the Heart

Tin Owl

Sweet Space Studio

Fern and Nettle

Milwaukee Candle Company

Bookish Life

Orchard Street Apparel

Tangled Up in Hue

Marcy Davy

Scared for Life Bags

Linden Studios 

Lydia Anderson

Misty Silverwear


Paper Pleasers

James Steeno

Katie Gamb

Marissa Manderfield 

Kathy Boettcher


Sweet Space Studios

Emmy Lou Bags

Ryan Berkley

The Thrifty Fox

Katie Gamb

Lydia Anderson

Sam Thompson



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